About LamBo Networks INC.

The company is lead by founder and CEO Brandon Lam, and is focused on creating high quality websites, which provide value to both visitors and the Internet as a whole.

Brandon is an online entrepreneur with seven years of experience, during which time he has proven instrumental in the development and management of more than 10 websites. Brandon studied Business at the University of Victoria and Marketing at Camosun College.

From the earliest days of the Internet, Brandon has understood the incredible opportunities afforded by social media and by other digital technology. From full-blown e-commerce stores to information products to membership websites, Brandon has built and managed numerous online assets that take full advantage of these amazing online opportunities.

His latest project, Mixlive.tv, is a membership model concept that is now more than two years in the making. The site is an online streaming service devoted to music artists and music lovers—the first site of its kind. The impetus for the site is equally rooted in Brandon’s love of online networking and his passion for creative DJ music; a DJ since he was 19, Brandon says he has experimented with numerous online streaming platforms, and is deeply impressed by the opportunities the Internet affords for artists to share their music with wide audiences. Mixlive.tv is now live.
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