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Bringing artists and music-lovers closer together than ever before, is the first site of its kind—a digital streaming platform, specifically designed for DJs, VJs, producers, club promoters, venue owners and listeners. This is a site built with music-makers and music-lovers in mind, and it has a simple mission: To provide artists with an easy way to get their music to the masses and to connect with new fans, and to provide fans with a whole new world of music to explore.

At the heart of is a deep appreciation for the musicians and DJs who work so hard to keep the party moving, and to give us all a soundtrack for our lives. Artists who join the site receive a page all their own, where they can simply “Go Live” and video-stream club gigs, bedroom mixes, studio sessions, outdoor festival performances, and more while using multiple cameras. While live, artists can record and store their streams for VOD (Video on Demand) playback as well. For the DJs and VJs who are exploding with beats and zealous for delivering those beats to eager, enthusiastic fans, is the resource you have been waiting for. You can also use the platform for bringing new fans into the fold, setting up future events (such as live performance streams) and encouraging curious listeners to RSVP.

But you don’t have to be a music-maker to fit in at the community. We also offer “Fan” memberships, designed for those keen to connect with their favorite artists, and to meet new favorites. By joining our community, you get access to a never-ending world of new music, and you are presented with limitless possibilities for discovering hot new mixes and killer live sets.

Digital technology has revolutionized the way music is shared and savored, and is leading the charge. Join us today, and be a part of the future of DJ culture!
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